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Hazardous waste incinerator

Hazardous waste incinerator - Hazardous wastes are produced by many industries such as automobile, oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide...


As an incinerator manufacturer, Haat has been in the forefront of waste management activities for nearly two decades.

Haat has both standard and customized models in its range for use in different and varying applications. Standard or tailor-made incinerators are those where the type of waste, its contents and calorific value are all well known. Whereas certain applications like industrial hazardous waste (which has a wide spectrum of varieties, contents, characteristics and calorific values) require customized designs. Thermal oxidisers and furnaces for recovery of catalysts are another set of examples where the entire design is governed by the nature, varying volume and characteristics of the different gaseous wastes. The incinerator manufacturer, therefore, has to think out of the box, in as much as he is not doing a simple fabrication job but in reality making the shoe fit the foot and not the other way round.

Incineration is not about just burning garbage. There is any number of applications, if it comes to it. These include:

• Industrial hazardous waste

• Municipal solid waste

• Biomedical waste

• Sanitary napkin waste

• Animal waste

• Pharma waste

• Nuclear waste

• R & D waste

• Paper and packaging waste

• Remote camp waste

• Food & confectionary waste

• Confidential documents and drawings waste

• Used currency notes waste

• Paint sludge waste

• Recovery of precious metal

• Catalyst recovery

• Condensate oil waste

By no means is the above list complete as more and more new wastes are being exposed!

The industries generating these wastes are:

• Off shore and On shore oil & gas drilling sites

• Paint manufacturers

• Automobile Manufactures

• Hospitals and nursing homes

• Municipalities and Corporations

• Fertilizer manufacturers

• Packaging industry

• Pharma industry

• Nuclear establishments

• Power stations powered by diesel generators

• Remote camps (e.g. Antarctica)

• Food product manufacturers

• Defence establishments

• Poultry industry

• Abattoirs

• Zoological parks

• Hostels and canteens

• Textile industry

• Residential areas and apartments

• Hotels and Restaurants

• Wedding halls

• Malls

This list also could be endless – stretching to all possible areas of human interaction.

The incinerator manufacturer should have design capability, infrastructure and experience to make incinerators as warranted by the application, considering always the limits of greenhouse gas emissions. A most important aspect to be considered here is exercising strict quality control of the incoming raw materials, components and constant vigil at different stages of manufacture, to ensure the finished product is as per drawing and specifications. For this purpose a very strong quality control department is a must.

Haat has an experience of more than 2 decades as an incinerator manufacturer with its own manufacturing facility located in Bengaluru, India, where their production equipment includes plate cutting, rolling, welding, refractory lining, painting and preparation systems. Additionally, Haat has supplied incinerators for all the applications listed above globally in 7 continents, to the following countries, in addition to Indian customers:

Afghanistan, Antarctica, Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Chad, Fiji, Georgia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mongolia, Mauritius, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Senegal, Sikkim, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tanzania, U.A.E., U.K., Ukraine, Vietnam and Yemen.

To be able to meet the demands of applications and clients, Haat has in its facilities Design, Production, Quality Control, Procurement, Projects, Maintenance and Service departments ensuring good quality products and regular after sales service.

When a contract for incinerator manufacture is finalized and received, the various functional departments of Haat set the ball in motion to start the design, procurement of various raw materials and components and production of subassemblies after drawing up a project schedule, procurement schedule and later installation and commissioning schedule, which enables it to complete the work on time as committed to the customer.

Haat has not stopped with being a manufacturer of incinerators. It also runs a Common Hazardous Waste Incineration Facility under authorization from the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board where particular types of hazardous wastes are disposed of from customers within the State of Karnataka. Operating and maintaining this common facility also enables Haat to look at incineration not only as a manufacturer, but also as a user of the incinerator equipment and address concerns of the users with regard to its many facets of functioning.

Haat has been certified to ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 18001:2007 and MED+B by different reputed agencies for its incinerator manufacturing and allied activities.

After-sales-service, which is a very important function of any manufacturing company, is manned by qualified and experienced engineers and technicians, who draw up a schedule for visiting warranty and non-warranty customers. This team also handles installation and commissioning work. As soon as the machines arrive at the destination, the site being ready, the team lands at the site to take up and complete the installation process expeditiously. The commissioning work is taken up on completion of assembly and installation, where cabling, piping etc. are taken up along with PLC programming, if involved.

As one can see, manufacture of incinerators is a complex technical process. It is a process which requires careful attention to details as we are dealing with inside temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees C and needing an equipment life of 15 years plus.

We are an established company in the Indian subcontinent with nearly 2 decades of experience in this field having supplied and installed our systems in over 30 countries with an impressive count of more than 550 systems.

What Haat provides as a reputed global incinerator manufacturer:

1. More than 24 years in the incineration field

2. No waste is too tough for us to handle

3. Swiss technology for difficult applications

4. Compliance with any emission norms, however stringent

5. Experience in almost every type of waste

6. A wide range of systems and incineration technologies available

7. In-house production with little outsourcing

8. Special refractory for long equipment life

9. Fabrication and testing in accordance with relevant ASME sections

10. Painting and preparation conforming to NACE/NORSOK/SSPC.

11. ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified

12. Approved by many large EPC contractors and Oil & Gas companies.

Haat Profile

“Incinerator is in our service since April 1997. The incinerator is working satisfactorily in accordance with the specifications” - Mr. R. Anbalagan, Manager (Process), Mitocon Biotec, Cuddalore.


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