Capacities: 10 kg/h to 500 kg/h
Emission: India / EURO / US-EPA
Fuel: LDO / HSD / FO / SKO/ Gas / Other
Power: 220 V, Single phase 415 V, Three phase
Loading: Manual / automatic

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• Energy saving design

• High flue gas turbulence type incinerator

• Parallel retort type primary and secondary chambers

• Popular incinerator model for by-product wastes

• Suitable for both batch type incineration as well as continuous 



Energy saving design

The design and construction of this particular incinerator model enables full utilization of heat radiated from the refractory to support primary and secondary burners to burn the waste as well as flue gas resulting in saving of fuel.


High flue gas turbulence

A three chamber retort type system is provided for extended dwell time of flue gases creating considerable turbulence in the secondary and tertiary chambers of the incinerator.


Parallel PCC and


Both primary and secondary chambers of this incinerator are located within the same shell supported by refractory walls which enable full utilization of heat energy and saving of fuel.


Popular incinerator model for by-product wastes

BP has proven performance in several types of industrial by-product wastes ranging from pharma waste, chemical waste, oil sludge, activated carbon and many others.


Suitable for both batch type incineration as well as continuous operation

BP can be offered with either refractory bricks or castable refractory depending on the application and use.  For continuous applications, castable refractory is preferred.



From 10 kg/h to 250 kg/h, any incinerator capacity in this range can be supplied.



• Wet venturi scrubber

• Bag filter


Air Pollution Control Devices
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“Haat has successfully installed and commissioned an incinerator for the Ministry of Interior.” – Mohammed Al-Mazrou, President, Saudi Bell Group.


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