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What is special about Haat’s LRD / PDR range incinerator?

The first LRD model was made by Haat for a client in Nigeria. He ordered three machines of 500 kg/h each.


What prompted the decision by the customer to choose the LRD model? There were several factors, some of which are listed below.


             This model was the first one to be made by Haat with a long residence time in the secondary combustion chamber.

             This is a modular construction, meaning additional modules can be added, if demanded by local relgulations.

             Castable refractory is special, ensuring a long refractory life, something in the region of 15 years.

             It was equipped with a ram loader, with a vertical and horizontal door and rams.

             The design of the secondary combustion chamber was such that high turbulence was created due to tangential flow of flue gas from the primary chamber (thru orifices especially made in the lining, secondary burner), secondary burner flame and additional combustion air thru a temperature controlled louvre mechanism. All this made possible complete burning of the products of combustion in the secondary chamber with no visible smoke.

             A unique attemperator system to ensure temperature in the primary chamber is always kept in control, especially when incinerating high calorie wastes.

             Universal application of the LRD for industrial hazardous waste, biomedical waste, municipal solid waste and general waste.

             Special surface preparation and 2/3 coats of paints with the final coat being a special temperature-resistant alkyd resin paint.

             Fully shop-assembled.


In subsequent years, many LRD/PDR models have been made, supplied and installed by Haat in the Automotive, Paint, Oil drilling, Steel making, Pesticide manufacture, Defence and other industrial hazardous waste generating organisations in the country and abroad.


Many of these systems are working very satisfactorily after many years of installation.


" The incinerator at the International Hospital Of Bahrain is working very well. Indeed it is a smokeless incinerator without causing any pollution"

 - Dr. Praful L. Vaidya, Head of Surgical Dept. & Equipment Committee Chairman, International Hospital of Bahrain.

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