Incinerators for precious metal recovery.


Stainless steel construction.


Recovery of precious metals even ...

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Precious Metal Recovery Incinerator

Incinerators for precious metal recovery.


Stainless steel construction.


Recovery of precious metals even from scrubber bleed.




Su-raj diamonds is a large jewellery manufacturing company in India. They invited us for discussions on recovering gold by incineration. We came to know that they lose quite a lot of the precious metal during jewellery making, in spite of all the precautions they take to control it. The fine dust, be it gold or platinum, which is of sub-micron size flies away and settles on work tables, uniforms, safety gear / PPE like aprons, gloves, caps, etc. The normal method is to collect these items, burn them in a simple system and recover precious metal from the residual ash.


Haat?s INCINERATOR MODEL PMR incinerator model helps recover a larger % of precious metal as compared to the conventional method. Not only would gold be recovered from the ash, but also from the scrubber. This way it would be possible to recover the precious metal from all components of the system. There was pretty little that was going to escape from all these obstacles.


Haat?s proposal was accepted and a contract was established. Our proposal was to load all the floor sweepings

and PPEs into the primary chamber and incinerate at around 700 -800 deg.C. A high temperature resistant removable tray was offered. After incineration, the remainder ash collected in the tray was sent for refining and recovering the gold or platinum as the case may be. Once a week the secondary chamber was opened and the fly ash and dust was collected carefully and sent for recovery. In the case of the flue gas cooler and scrubber bleed, these were emptied once a fortnight and sent to the filter press. The pressed cakes are then loaded into the primary chamber and the reminder ash sent for recovery again.


The design of the entire system was in stainless steel to prevent oxidized steel particles getting mixed with the precious metal thereby delaying the recovery process.


Once the system was installed and running, regular maintenance service was provided. After about six months the client visited us again and he was quite happy with the results he got. He said he recovered the cost of the system in less than 6 months! It made us happy too.


Not surprisingly, another larger jewellery company came to know about this and approached us for a similar system. We are happy to say that here again the same results were obtained.


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“The incinerator project included a high level of Quality Assurance, Third Party Inspection and comprehensive documentation which was adhered to.” – HOD (CPP & Utilities), Reliance Industries Limited.


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