Capacities: NA
Emission: India / EURO / US-EPA
Fuel: LDO / HSD / FO / SKO/ Gas / Other
Power: 220 V, Single phase 415 V, Three phase
Loading: Manual / automatic

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• Specially designed incinerator for precious metal recovery.

• Complete SS construction

• Full complement of downstream equipment

• Many optionals available

• Incinerator with fastest return on investment


Specially designed incinerator for precious metal recovery

Customised incinerator model specially designed for recovery of precious metal from wastes in pharma industries and floor sweepings as well as PPE and other material in large jewellery manufacturers.


Complete SS construction

The entire range of equipment including primary and secondary chambers, scrubber, re-circulation and bleed tanks are of SS construction to avoid contamination with ferrous substances enabling quick recovery of precious metal.


Full complement of downstream equipment

In order to help

recovery of the tiniest possible precious metals not only from waste but also from escaping flue gas and particulates, a full complement of downstream equipment is provided with the incinerator.  This includes air pollution control equipment which could be wet, dry or both.  


Incinerator with fastest return on investment

This incinerator design enables return on investment within the shortest possible time due to the nature of waste and the ability of the incinerator to recover the tiniest dust particles whether it is from the waste or from the flue gas.  The cost of the equipment can be recovered in less than one year.



From 25 kg/h to 200 kg/h, any incinerator capacity in this range can be supplied.



• Dust collector

• Acid gas scrubber

• Wet venturi scrubber 

• Bag filter


Air Pollution Control Devices
Where this incinerator can be used
Waste types this product can handle

For an incineration system for the Azadegan Oilfield Development, “All the works were executed in a timely manner and to a high degree of quality.” – Abbas Fahim, Managing Director, Tehran Afra Engineering.


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