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A hybrid air pollution control system consists of a combination of various air pollution control devices such as a dust collector, gas cooler, bag filter and an acid gas scrubber.


This kind of a system is preferred when the most stringent emission limits are to be met.


Ideal for continuous operation

A hybrid system is recommended where continuous operation of the incinerator system is involved such as with rotary kilns or with large solid hearth systems such as 500 kg/h+.


Avoids further treatment of water

Unlike in a wet venturi scrubber, which requires continuous water and generates bleed, to be treated, in the case of a

hybrid system, only a fine mist of water is used while dosing with lime and the water gets evaporated without generating any bleed.


Can be used to scrub practically all greenhouse gases including dioxins and furans

The hybrid system enables excellent scrubbing of SO2, NOX, HCl, etc. resulting in very low emissions meeting Euro emission standards.  The configuration depends on the type of gases to be scrubbed.  For dioxins and furans, special activated carbon tower is required whereas for SO2 a system dosing with lime will do the job.  The configuration of the equipment for a hybrid system will include a heat exchanger, bag filter, lime and ammonia dosing, venturi, etc.



Incinerator with scrubber and 30-m chimney installed by HAAT has been working satisfactorily since June 1999 in our factory. We use it for disposing of paint sludge - Mr. Pankaj Tyagi, New Holland Tractors (India) Pvt. Ltd., Noida.


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