For waste generated by pilgrims including flowers, vegetables and food


Triple chamber design


There was a ...

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Temple Waste Incinerator

For waste generated by pilgrims including flowers, vegetables and food


Triple chamber design


There was a slightly different application for incineration from an unexpected source that came to light when one of our sales engineers happened to visit a temple town in the State of Tamil Nadu in India. This temple is on top of a hill and attracts plenty of devotees round the year. There are also occasions when there are festivals that result in the gathering of thousands of devotees.


While visitors are in the throes of religious fervour, the temple authorities face a serious problem of waste generation. The devotees bring flowers and other offerings and on festive occasions, these would be in tens of tons! There was no waste management in operation in the temple and consequently the hill side started looking like a garbage dump!


Although our engineer`s visit was for religious purpose, he took the opportunity to meet the Executive

Officer who was in charge of the entire operations of the temple. Before explaining what he could do, he took the officer to see the hill side view. The officer was naturally appalled to see such a sight because this side was behind the temple, not visible from the front. And then the solution was proposed to set up an incinerator plant.


Our engineer explained in detail how the incinerator proposed has a three chamber design with no possibility of visible smoke. This was gladly accepted by the officer who went about tendering for the equipment. Even though there were other bidders, the temple authorities chose Haat. The machine was supplied, installed and commissioned to the satisfaction of all concerned.


Just one more instance of an application from an unexpected location for an incinerator!


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“The system fully meets the requirements of the Central Pollution Control Board’s guidelines for Hazardous Waste Incinerators.” – SMR Prasad, GM (Environment Management), JSW Steel.


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