4 units of 100 kg/h each


Designed to work in dusty conditions


A well-known Swiss company working in Afgha...

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Camp Bastion, Afghanistan

4 units of 100 kg/h each


Designed to work in dusty conditions


A well-known Swiss company working in Afghanistan ordered 4 large sized incinerators for use in Afghanistan at Camp Bastion, a UK military camp near Kandahar which accommodated several thousand troops. It was a challenging assignment since the requirement was extremely urgent. We had to work round the clock to complete the production in a record time. The requirement by the client was so urgent that they airlifted the consignment of many tons in a chartered aircraft from Bengaluru to Kandhahar!


What was even more challenging was (for us) the deputation of our engineer for commissioning the supplied machines. Though our personnel have

visited some remote locations including desolate sites in Yemen, Iran and even the Siachen Glacier, this was a different challenge as it was to a war zone. Haat?s engineer had to travel through Dubai in a special aircraft to the site. There was a strict security protocol to be followed which included an internal body scan. From Kandahar airport to the Camp, he had to travel with others in a camouflaged military vehicle, crouched down low with armoured vests, in the event of an ambush by the Taliban!


Despite these travails, the commissioning of the 4 incinerators was done in the camp (where conditions were very comfortable) satisfying both the Swiss buyer and the end user. A video of the installed equipment can be seen on this page.


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    Incinerator with scrubber and 30-m chimney installed by HAAT has been working satisfactorily since June 1999 in our factory. We use it for disposing of paint sludge - Mr. Pankaj Tyagi, New Holland Tractors (India) Pvt. Ltd., Noida.


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