Incinerator for gelatin net 100 kg/h


Heat recovery for pre-heating of waste


Fuel efficient model


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Geltec - Pharma Waste

Incinerator for gelatin net 100 kg/h


Heat recovery for pre-heating of waste


Fuel efficient model


The pharma industry churns out millions of medicines every year. A large quantity of medicines are manufactured in the form of gelatin capsules. Automatic machines punch out capsules from a large gelatin sheet and the residual sheet with holes needs to be disposed in an environmentally friendly manner, particularly as many pharma companies are subject to local and international FDA agencies.


This material starts to liquefy when exposed to direct sunlight. Haat was invited to supply an incinerator plant for automatic loading and destruction of the gelatin net. The difficulty in disposing of this material is that as it liquefies very fast, it starts collecting in heaps in the combustion chamber, preventing oxygen flow and therefore incomplete combustion.


We ruled out the possibility of using automatic raking with in the chamber due to the 800 deg C+ temperatures in the incinerator.

Without controlled feeding, the material would start flowing out of openings such as the loading door, de-ashing door, etc. In order to eliminate this problem, a specially designed jacketed hopper was made and installed on top of the combustion chamber of the incinerator with a control valve. The flue gas from the secondary chamber was made to circulate around the hopper in the jacket, raising the temperature to around 150 to 200 deg. C. The gelatin waste was loaded inside the hopper and at that temperature, it started melting and the control valve was set to discharge a certain quantity of the molten gelatin every 30 seconds or so. This prevented accumulation of the molten gelatin inside the combustion chamber and at the same time ensured incineration of a measured quantity completely to fine, sterile ash. This was also an ingenious way of recovering waste heat.


This was another interesting but challenging application, which was resolved successfully thanks to Haat`s initiative. At least 3 such incinerators have been installed by us for different companies



“The services provided by Haat during execution of the project for supply, installation and for subsequent after sales support are appreciated.” – Binoj Koman, Sr. Div Mgr (Production), Tata Hitachi.


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