One of Indias' largest poultry groups.


Now has more than 15 Haat Incinerators in various parts of India.



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Venco Group for Poultry

One of Indias' largest poultry groups.


Now has more than 15 Haat Incinerators in various parts of India.


Equipment used for dead animals, eggs, offal etc.


The poultry and hatchery industry in India is one of the largest in the sub-continent. Although there are many players in this field, Venco is a premier group which is well established, having its own poultry and hatchery farms, research centres, etc. spread all over India.


It was from the head office of this group in Pune that we received a call once in the early 2000s, asking for an incinerator to dispose of poultry wastes. This type of requirement was known to us, but we had never supplied to a unit for this application. Fortunately, we have in our range of incinerators the right type of machine for this purpose though.


When we did quote and sent one of our engineers to visit the client, we came to know that the customer had already been using another incinerator make and that he was planning to standardize his requirements with a good brand for his requirements all over. The machine he was using was a well-known and well established brand. The customer found that we were able to match the other technically in all respects and he was not sure about the performance.

Hence he called a meeting of both the companies? representatives for a tete-a-tete! This was much to our surprise, but we decided to have an eyeball to eyeball meeting with the opposition. Again in the meeting, everything tallied except for the performance. It is here the opposition representative put his foot into his mouth by saying his running costs are low. The question that came up then was the fuel consumption. For a 20 kg/h incinerator, he said confidently that the fuel consumed was 7 litres per hour, but much to his chagrin, the customer, had in his group, the Environment & Safety Manager of the particular unit who was responsible for the operation of the incinerator and he had in his possession the log book for the fuel. It showed a daily average of 18 litres per hour! We stood by our figure of 8 to 10 litres per hour. However much the opposition argued, it was a lost case as the records showed the claim to be wrong.


The decision of the customer to go with Haat for his new incinerator resulted in an immediate order for 4 machines at that time. Today, the customer has several units working in different parts of the country and he is quite happy with their performance.


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    “The services provided by Haat during execution of the project for supply, installation and for subsequent after sales support are appreciated.” – Binoj Koman, Sr. Div Mgr (Production), Tata Hitachi.


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