Design, fabrication, testing, preparation for shipment and delivery of hazardou...

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Reliance Industries Limited, KGD6



Design, fabrication, testing, preparation for shipment and delivery of hazardous waste incinerator package


Configuration: Skid mounted Incinerator package with Air pollution control system, 30 mts rubber lined stack, control panel and CEMS panel rated for hazardous area


Oily sludge and hyrdrocarbon condensate waste


Technical Consultants Aker Kvaerner


Project Management Bechtel


TPI Bureau Veritas


Fully automatic, designed for Zone 2, Group II A/B, T3


Reliance Industries Limited, as part of their procurement for their new on-shore terminal in Kakinada in India invited us to submit a proposal against their RFQ for an incinerator package. The incinerator was to be used for hazardous wastes such as oily sludge, solid wastes and liquid hydrocarbon condensate. This was to be part of the KINCINERATOR MODEL GD , 6 project.


Krishna-Godavari Basin is a peri-cratonic passive margin basin in India. It is spread across more than 50,000 square kilometers in the Krishna River and Godavari River basins in Andhra Pradesh. The site is known for the D-6 block where Reliance Industries discovered the biggest natural gas reserves in India in 2002.


The first gas discovery in the basin was in 1983, in Rajole Well No 1, when ONGC had a small operation in Rajahmundry and Narsapur. Since that discovery Reliance and others have joined the exploration effort.


0.4 trillion cubic metre (14 trillion cubic feet) of gas by Reliance Industries in KG-DWN-98/l (KG-D6) in 2006. 1,800 metre (6,000 feet) below the sea floor.


20 trillion cubic feet (5.71011 m3) of gas by Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation in June 2005.


Potentially 20 trillion cubic feet (5.71011 m3) of gas in place at D-3 and D-9 blocks, as estimated in May 2011. According to Reliance Industries: "This includes identified prospects and leads and a number of postulated prospects based on the play area and field size distribution."


A gas discovery by ONGC in June 2009, which an anonymous company official said could have an estimated 10 trillion cubic feet (2.81011 m3).


Reliance has requirements that are very demanding of their sub-vendors. The highest importance is given to

all aspects of a package, whether minor or major. The RFQ for the incinerator package was voluminous and required our project team to review all specifications in a very short duration in order to be able to submit our offer. If successful, it would be our first job with Reliance and we were keen to take up the challenge of being part of this gas drilling project (the drilling depth going almost 2 kilometres below the sea bed), even if our contribution was minor.


The technical consultants for this package were Aker Kvaerner and there were several rounds of discussions on various aspects of the incinerator package, particularly the process, instrumentation and electrical requirements. The entire incinerator was to be designed to work for hazardous area Zone 2 which meant the instruments, electrical motors, panel board, emission monitoring system, etc. all had to be certified to this effect.


After several discussions and negotiations, Reliance selected Haat as the supplier for the incinerator. Documentation was the first step and our engineering was reviewed thoroughly by the consultant before the Company did. There were several agencies involved which included Bechtel for project management, Bureau Veritas as the Third Party Inspection Agency other than of course, Aker Kvaerner.


Their attention to detail was high and all their requirements were met by Haat. After a successful factory acceptance test of the incineration system, the skids were despatched to the site.


The painting of the system, done with surface preparation as per relevant SSPC / ISO standards, with 3 coats of different paints, resulted in an incinerator which could withstand the harsh sea-shore environment in Kakinada.


After the site acceptance test, the project was handed over in June 2009. We contacted the client regularly for after-sales support and they issued us a performance certificate 3 years after commissioning of the incinerator in 2012 which is also available for viewing on this page. Spares required for the package are being supplied by Haat as and when required by Reliance.


Haat was happy and privileged to be associated with Reliance for this prestigious project for an incinerator that needed a lot more than just equipment!


More info on this product can be found here - SRD - MODEL SKID MOUNTED INCINERATOR PACKAGE - SRD



“The system fully meets the requirements of the Central Pollution Control Board’s guidelines for Hazardous Waste Incinerators.” – SMR Prasad, GM (Environment Management), JSW Steel.


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