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Ultra-low emission for radioactive waste incinerator

We were asked to build an incinerator system with high efficiency particle control downstream equipment for radioactive waste.  This meant that the outlet particulate matter emissions would have to be less than 1 mg/Nm3.  To put this in perspective, emissions prescribed for hazardous waste incinerators by the CPCB require suspended particulate matter to be less than 50 mg/Nm3 and Euro norms (which specify this as dust) require it to be less than 10 mg/Nm3.  This meant that the emissions from this incinerator would need to be less than 1/10th of the most stringent regulations currently in place in the world today. 


Let us explain our experiences manufacturing the incinerator. All stainless steel work had to be fabricated using TIG welding and these were subjected to 25% X-ray tests. We decided that since the waste is radioactive, we should do 100% radiography of such fabricated equipment, to eliminate any possibility of leakage at the site. We have experienced welders who are qualified under ASME Sec. IX and they took up this task like fish to water.  The manufacturing was subject to frequent inspection by client inspectors.


Control of particles below submicron level was achieved through filters in 4 stages, but there was no way we could test it.


Eventually the incinerator and allied equipment was made ready, inspected and despatched to its destination. Installation was carried out and during commissioning, our painstaking efforts during fabrication and testing were ratified.


We completed the work after a few visits to the site and ensured that the machine was doing the job for which it was designed and made.


More on this type of system here - Haat RAW - Radioactive waste incinerator


“Model GD-3 and GD-6 incinerators cater to all the waste generated in our hatchery plant. Working satisfactorily and no smoke is visible. We appreciate HAAT in helping us to dispose off our hatchery waste and mortality effectively.” - Dr. S.V. Deshpande, Manager, Venco Research and Breeding Farms Ltd.


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