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Incinerators for garbage, animal / medical waste and sludge oil in Mauritius

Mauritius is an Indian Ocean island that is well known for its sunshine, beaches and multi-cultural society.  What is not so well known is the fact that this island has been extremely conscious of environment and waste management. Almost all the hospitals here are equipped with incinerators.


We have a tie-up with a company here who is providing operation and maintenance services to these incinerators. The CEO of this company actually came down to Bangalore to see for himself our facilities and the common hazardous waste incineration plant in our premises.


Having been convinced of our capability to produce good quality incinerators, he told us about the requirement of a large incinerator to burn security waste and garbage in the port area.  We made a joint bid here and won the contract for civil work and installation of the largest incinerator in the island.


This machine was made, shipped, installed and commissioned to the satisfaction of the customer and is being run regularly. 


This first installation also paved the way for two more Haat incinerators to be supplied here; one for animal carcass and another for oil sludge from generators, all for the government.


Our relationship with this island nation and our local Associate has thus been built on a strong foundation and we hope to be able to supply more incinerators for bio-medical waste and other applications to this region.


Please visit Reference Projects as well as Incinerator for CEB, Mauritius for a project done there.


“We thank Haat for their professional conduct during the execution of this order.” – Praful Dhokai, GM, Clyde Equipment, Fiji.


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