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Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser (RTO) for a can manufacturer in UAE

We received an RFQ from the Middle East for a Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser. It was for a new plant being set up for manufacturing cans. During manufacture, glue is applied on the inside of the can and the can is also printed on the outside. This process releases quite some quantity of VOCs. There is a legislation in the customer`s country about quality of air coming out of the process but at the same time if not taken care of, can lead to high pungent odour inside the factory which can be unbearable after some time. 

The customer had obviously sent the RFQ to many manufacturers in Europe and Asia and it became a competitive bid. The customer started evaluating the bids and sending queries. At this time, one of our Directors was visiting the Middle East and he was asked to see the client and provide clarification/information such as why a 2 bed system and why not a 3 bed; is it self-sustaining; how is the quality and reliability of the honeycomb filters; how quickly the butterfly valves open and close and so on.  The project was commissioned around 2 years ago and has been working successfully since.


More info and some videos of this project can be found here - RTO for a Can Manufacturer


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