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Incinerator for the Garment Industry

Some time ago, we had visitors from the garment industry in South India explaining to us their serious problem of garment offcuts in their industry. These people were from the administration department responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the entire area.  The offcuts and rejects were initially sold to some recyclers, but it was found that some of these materials were misused and sold as factory seconds. To prevent this misuse, they wished to dispose of this waste, which had now become a big heap (or a small mountain).


We proposed a visit to the site to see for ourselves the problem and the space available. We found, during the visit, there were about 70 manufacturing units in the area and the administration was responsible for handling the liquid (sewage) and solid (cloth offcuts) waste. These units were producing top quality garments which were regularly exported to many countries including USA, Europe etc.


At around the same time visitors from Bangladesh visited us. They belonged to one of the largest garment manufacturing companies in their country. We had a detailed discussion and during the talks, we showed them photos and videos of the Haat incinerator working in India for the very same application. This actually stopped all further discussions and the customer went ahead and made out a contract for supply of a similar system for their unit.


This incinerator was also made and supplied to Bangladesh and our commissioning team then went there and completed the task to the satisfaction of the client.


We proposed a Haat Incinerator with air pollution control equipment and accordingly a contract was finalized. The equipment was supplied, installed and commissioned satisfactorily is now running.


" The incinerator is functioning extremely well and meeting all the requirements of Gazette of India notification. The Strength of the equipment lies in its easy handling, economy in treating bio-medical waste and meeting all criteria control test of PCB Karnataka "

 - Group Capt. H. S. R. Arora, Registrar, Command Hospital Air Force, Bangalore.

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