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What Does “Haat” in “Haat Incinerators” Stand For?

Haat stands for many things and in particular with respect to their incineration systems:


             A clean environment

             A commitment to clean air

             A commitment to a clean atmosphere

             Clean emissions

             Safe and responsible approach to waste disposal

             No waste is too difficult to handle

             Meeting international standards for fabrication, lining, painting, etc.

             Meeting international standards for emissions

             Operational Health and Safety of employees and users

             Consistent quality of products and services

             Widest product range of incinerators, thermal oxidisers, scrubbers, etc.

             More than 550 installations globally

             Customer satisfaction



In addition to the above, we wish to clarify here what exactly the acronym HAAT stands for. It is


    H – Heating

    A – And

    A – Air

    T – Treatment


What does this signify? There was a time when incinerators had only a single chamber for burning solid waste and this resulted in smoke and particulates escaping thru the flue to the atmosphere causing environmental damage.


Haat was one of the earliest companies to come up with the concept of “secondary burning of the products of combustion” for their incinerators. The treatment given to the flue gas or products of combustion in the secondary chamber resulted in “No visible smoke” conforming to Ringleman scale `O`.  Many of our earlier installations proved that without a dust collector or venturi, the particulate emission from a Haat incinerator was well within the limits laid down by the standards.


As a matter of interest, a customer wanted to visit one of our incinerator installations before finalizing an order. We took him to an establishment where the incinerator was working. On seeing the non-smoking machine, he was annoyed as to why the machine was not working! The charging door was opened for him to see the blazing fire, with no visible smoke from the stack!


" The incinerator at the International Hospital Of Bahrain is working very well. Indeed it is a smokeless incinerator without causing any pollution"

 - Dr. Praful L. Vaidya, Head of Surgical Dept. & Equipment Committee Chairman, International Hospital of Bahrain.

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