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Automobile Plant Incinerator with Waste Heat Recovery

A major multi-industry group in India called for bids for an incinerator system for burning paint sludge and for stripping of paints from jigs for its automobile manufacturing plant.


We had the advantage of experiencing this application in our Common Hazardous Waste Treatment facility for some time and knew the issue and methodology inside out. We, therefore, confidently bid for this equipment and, not surprisingly, were chosen for the award of the contract from out of a strong contingent of 4 well known bidders.  Our experience no doubt tilted the scale in our favour because one of the conditions of the contract was to do the operation and maintenance of the incinerator for at least 3 years after we completed the installation and commissioning. The bid also called for waste heat recovery for stripping the paint from the jigs by utilizing flue gas from the outlet of the secondary chamber of the incinerator.


The project was executed and commissioned on time. A very committed engineer was given the charge of running the plant and he carried out the task very diligently and efficiently, much to the delight of the client`s management team. Due to the efficiency of the system and the O & M team, the contract was extended for more than 10 years.


The operation and maintenance is now handled by the client and Haat parted company with them on very good terms. The experience the client had with Haat resulted in at least 5 more companies in their group installing Haat incinerators.


“The system fully meets the requirements of the Central Pollution Control Board’s guidelines for Hazardous Waste Incinerators.” – SMR Prasad, GM (Environment Management), JSW Steel.


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