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The heart and soul of an incinerator

Many buyers are unaware of the significance of `refractory` which is used for lining the inside of an incinerator. What is its role?


The refractory performs twin functions – a) to absorb and radiate high heat and b) to insulate the outer body of the incinerator from high temperature. Functionally many refractories in the form of bricks and castables carry out this function. However, it has to be borne in mind that the refractory will always be at a high temperature and the operator may not always be conscious of its characteristics at such temperatures.


While the refractory bricks will do the job, one has to consider using them selectively. The weak link in the bricks is the mortar used for joining. Its failure results in bricks dislodging and cascading. They also exhibit limited strength at high temperatures.


On the other hand, castable refractory has many advantages. It can be applied to any contours and shapes; they do not fail or fall like bricks; some of the special ones which are customized, exhibit really high strength at temperatures in the range of 1000 deg.C. When you do use such a material, you rest assured that there will not be any damage, failure or relining of the incinerator.


It has been our experience in over 20 years that choosing the right refractory will assure a long incinerator life. Refractory to an incinerator is same as the heart is to a human being!



For an incineration system for the Azadegan Oilfield Development, “All the works were executed in a timely manner and to a high degree of quality.” – Abbas Fahim, Managing Director, Tehran Afra Engineering.


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