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An incinerator that went to holy places

We did not realise the far-reaching applications and usefulness of an incinerator, until we installed a machine in South India for a temple on a hill top to dispose of flowers, coconut shells and other items.


What came as a surprise was when we received a call from London from a well-known Gurudwara for disposing of very old and unusable holy books called `Sri Guru Granth Sahib`. We learned that these holy books in use in Sikh Gurudwaras need to be respectfully retired by consigning them to flames. This particular Gurudwara was right in the middle of the city, which means there should be no smoke or particulate emission when these holy books were incinerated. Added to the problem was the fact that these holy books are quite thick, preventing oxygen supply to the tightly packed pages.


We chose Haat GD model incinerator mainly because it is not only economical on running costs, it would particularly address the oxygen flow to the holy book because of its design. The burner when fired will start the burning of the book and the flue gas is recirculated several times along with the flame to burn the book repeatedly until no product of combustion is present. This means not only good combustion but also no particulate emission.


This incinerator was installed and commissioned satisfactorily at the Gurudwara.


Incinerator with scrubber and 30-m chimney installed by HAAT has been working satisfactorily since June 1999 in our factory. We use it for disposing of paint sludge - Mr. Pankaj Tyagi, New Holland Tractors (India) Pvt. Ltd., Noida.


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