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Comparison and contrast (or apples & oranges)

At Haat Incinerators, we find, sometimes, that the buyer is in a predicament as to how he should decide to buy an incinerator. For this purpose, they may want to `compare apples to apples` and not `apples to oranges`. The following few points will help them to do that:



1)            MOC: The material of construction should be suitable for the application. For example for corrosion resistance it should be a suitable grade of stainless steel, not just any stainless steel or other steels.

2)            Refractory: Type of refractory used should have good compressive strength at elevated temperatures. This may be expensive but preferred over ordinary refractories which exhibit high strength only at very low temperatures.

3)            Refractory thickness: is very important to provide ability to radiate heat and to insulate the body of the incinerator from heat.

4)            Anchors: These are hidden inside the refractory lining, but it should be noted that these should be made of a suitable material which will not rust, causing root cracks in the lining at high temperature.

5)            Painting: Just one coat of heat-resistant aluminium paint is not the answer to a good paint life. The service conditions have to be analysed before choosing the paint and the thickness of the coating.

6)            Surface preparation has to be specified, which means just roughening the surface by sandering will not do. A suitable blasting method has to be employed conforming to standards which increases the surface area and thickness and durability of the coating.


One can see from the above that the discriminate manufacturer will choose these factors carefully before starting the production.   The incinerator supplied thus will of very good quality and will function for a long time.


Let buyers be aware that what they buy should give them many years of trouble-free performance with very little or no maintenance.  As you would hear frequently on the London Underground, 'MIND THE GAP'!



“We thank Haat for their professional conduct during the execution of this order.” – Praful Dhokai, GM, Clyde Equipment, Fiji.


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