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What happens to cleaning residue after you buy chicken from the store?

There were some visitors recently with a specific problem. They sell broiler chickens and have a daily poultry waste of some 500 kg. The disposal method used by them was dumping them into a pit and setting fire to it. Unfortunately burning took place only at the top of the waste pile, with several layers below remaining unburnt, not to mention the smoke billowing out.


Our PWR model incinerator was demonstrated with burning of some dead birds. The result was complete incineration of the waste with only white ash remaining and no smoke.


This serious problem was resolved to the satisfaction of the end user. The machine will be installed at their facilities shortly.


Close to 17 tons of hazardous waste was incinerated last week in our Common Facility achieving almost 85% of the target.



" The incinerator at the International Hospital Of Bahrain is working very well. Indeed it is a smokeless incinerator without causing any pollution"

 - Dr. Praful L. Vaidya, Head of Surgical Dept. & Equipment Committee Chairman, International Hospital of Bahrain.

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