Infection and toxicity can be easily controlled.


Incineration does not have long term environmental impacts such as in landf...

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Benefits of incinerators

Infection and toxicity can be easily controlled.


Incineration does not have long term environmental impacts such as in landfills. Health risks from wastes which are land filled are significant due to human exposure to the substances to food zone pathways.


An incineration plant will require a fraction of the space required by a large landfill.


Big reduction in space occupied by wastes as incinerator residues are a small percentage of the original weight and volume.


Incinerators can be smokeless and odourless in operation.


In-situ disposal can be done in an incinerator without having to worry about transportation over long distances.


Sterile, non-reactive ash is formed after the incineration process.


The high temperatures and extended dwell time in incinerators allow for excellent destruction and removal efficiency, combustion efficiency and low emission values.


Double chamber units

provide excellent two stage incineration of waste and products of combustion.


Operating costs for an incinerator can be very economical as most of the heat required for burning will come from the waste itself.


Heat generated through the incineration process can be recovered in the form of hot air, hot water, steam or even power.


Why should waste be incinerated?


The simple answer to this question is because incineration is the safest way to dispose of unwanted and hazardous material. Incinerators provide 99.99% destruction and removal efficiency of organic content with clean emissions. Ash produced is sterile and non-reactive.


Instantaneous disposal


Environment friendly


Most gases are burnt


Avoids contamination


Waste volume reduced to less than 5%


Inert residual ash


Total destruction of sensitive waste



" The incinerator is functioning extremely well and meeting all the requirements of Gazette of India notification. The Strength of the equipment lies in its easy handling, economy in treating bio-medical waste and meeting all criteria control test of PCB Karnataka "

 - Group Capt. H. S. R. Arora, Registrar, Command Hospital Air Force, Bangalore.

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