Remote Indian Ocean island location.


Meets current CPCB guidelines for ?Design & Construction of Bio-Medical Waste Inciner...

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Indian Air Force, Port Blair

Remote Indian Ocean island location.


Meets current CPCB guidelines for ?Design & Construction of Bio-Medical Waste Incinerators?.


Equipped with scrubber, emission monitoring, autoloader, recording of date, time, batch number, etc.


2 units, one working, one standby


The Andaman and Nicobar islands is a Union Territory of India and is located in the Indian Ocean, on the south eastern side of India, the capital of these islands being Port Blair. While it is easy to fly to Port Blair from Chennai or Kolkata, the Car Nicobar island is not so easy to reach. One has to take a boat or a helicopter ride from Port Blair. Car Nicobar is a protected area being largely occupied by Adi Vashis or indigenous tribes. Even flights over this air space are not allowed.


There is an Indian Air Force Station in Car Nicobar and it was from here that we

received a contract for setting up two incinerator plants for their hospitals. The work also involved constructing sheds for housing the incinerators. We understood at that time that many companies refused to accept this contract because of logistical problems, accommodation, food etc. There was also the problem of non-availability of skilled workmen, workshop facilities, material handling equipment, etc.


We executed this contract successfully in co-operation with our local agent in Port Blair, although we went through a tough time transporting people, materials and equipment many times. The monsoon posed the biggest problem as no civil work or erection could happen at this time. We weathered all these difficulties and commissioned the twin incinerator plant to the satisfaction of the end user.


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“We have received good services from Haat, particularly in accommodating site installation requirements and customer requests, whether specified in the tender or not.” - Christian L, MD of Steamhouse International, Mauritius.


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